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Life Groups

We have a number of Connect Life Groups that meet at different times.  Some are on line and some are in person. 


All the Life Groups operate as sermon-based small groups so discuss in more depth whatever is preached on the Sunday.  Discussion prompts, usually prepared by the speaker, are prepared in advanced and distributed after the sermon on Sunday.

If we're not running one that suits you, why not contact us and we'll see what we can do

Wednesday's at 7.00pm

Led by John & Anne, this life group meets every Wednesday at 7.00pm during term time.

Tuesday's at 7.30pm

Led by Robbie & Karen, this life group meets every Tuesday at 7.30pm during term time.

Thursday's at 2.30pm

Led by Penny & Jeanni, this life group meets every Thursday at 2.30pm during term time.

This life group is over Zoom, but does meet for social's in line with social distancing guidelines from time to time.

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